Željka SokoličDo you prefer morning or evening stretch? Would you like more gentle practise or energizing class? Željka has it all!

We invite you to Sunday evening classes as well as Wednesday morning ones. Evening classes are more gentle, mindful and calming down before the bedtime whereas morning classes gives you proper wake up and kicks you off to a whole new day whatever is waiting for you there…Come to experience this energetic yet gentle teacher and shift your practise to a new and higher level…Beginners welcome!

When: Sundays 7-8pm/Wednesdays 7:30-8:30am
Price: 180CZK drop-in/165CZK with a ticket for evening classes and 160CZK/145CZK with a ticket for morning classes, we accept Multisport, Active Pass and Benefit Plus cards, Sodexo and Edenred vouchers and Edenred e-ticket
Teacher: Željka Sokolič




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